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Milan Wardani, founder and designer of Wardani Accessories has been in business for over 15 years. After earning a degree in Computer Science & Mathematics and then interning at Goldman Sachs on Wall Street, Milan decided that the mainstream corporate world was not for him. With support from family and friends Milan was able to start his own business in the world of womenís accessories.

Being raised in a family of several generations of garment tailors, Milan has developed a unique taste for high end goods. He started his business with a small work room in New York City and also imported a majority of his line from France and China. After learning the market well, Milan decided to expand his US line and minimize his imported products. Today, Wardani Accessories is proud to manufacture the majority of its goods in New York and France. Some items still imported fro Asia but made and designed high quality standard.

Wardaniís products are specially designed and handmade with great attention to quality. It is Milanís attention to detail that has made him a well respected accessories manufacturer. Wardani Accessories currently sells to high end boutiques and chain stores throughout the world, including the US, Canada, South America, Japan and Europe

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